Various meat products



Bully’s Grill Box

Pork Products

Bacon, Peppered$6.75$/lb
Boston Butt$1.30$/lb
Cajun Andouille Sausage$6.39$/lb
Cured Ham Slices$6.15$/lb
Cured Ham Whole$5.07$/lb
Hail State Ham (fully-cooked)$4.50$/lb
Italian Sausage$6.39$/lb
MSU Bratdawgs$4.75$/lb
Pork Chops$5.50$/lb
Pork Cutlets$4.50$/lb
Breakfast Sausage$4.44$/lb
Breakfast Sausage, Patties$4.67$/lb
Smoked Sausage$5.92$/lb
Smoked Sausage with Hawaiian Heat$6.25$/lb
Smoked Sausage with Pepperjack$6.25$/lb
Whole Hog$1.89$/lb

Beef Products

Ground Beef$5.06$/lb
Ground Beef (forage-fed)$5.06$/lb
Hamburger Patties (1/3 lb. each)$5.99$/lb
NY Strip Steak$12.00$/lb
NY Strip Steak (forage-fed)$12.00$/lb
Ribeye Steaks$13.93$/lb
Ribeye Steak (forage-fed) $13.93$/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast$5.92$/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast (forage-fed) $5.92$/lb
Boneless Sirloin (forage-fed)$5.25$/lb
T-Bone Steak$14.34$/lb
Beef Tenderloin (forage-fed) $18.00$/lb
Brisket, Whole$80.00
Brisket, 1/2$50.00

Goat Products

Chevon Chops$7.99$/lb
Chevon Sausage with Hawaiian Heat$6.25$/lb
Chevon Sausage with Pepperjack$6.25$/lb


Lamb Chops$8.99$/lb
Leg of Lamb$7.99$/lb
Rack of Lamb$10.99$/lb
Whole Lamb$4.50$/lb


Cost of Cutting Chicken$1.91
Custom Beef Fabrication$0.25$/lb
Meat Processing – BEEF$0.70$/lb
Meat Processing – PORK$0.70$/lb
Harvest – Beef$70.00
Harvest – Pork$70.00
Locker Fee (per pallet, subject to availability)$25.00

Prices are subject to change. Product availability varies. These items are available in the store only.