Fluid milk

Fluid milk is available in 2% White milk and Chocolate milk.

Our milk is fresh from the Bearden Dairy Research Center, where the 420 head herd of Holstein, Jersey and crossbred cows are milked twice daily. The university’s herd produces more than three million pounds of milk each year. That’s about 369,000 gallons. One of the only university-owned herds to make the top rankings, the American Jersey Cattle Association has ranked the MSU dairy herd in the top 10 for the last several years. The Jersey herd has also been recently ranked in the top 10 in all categories for groups of similar size, ranking No. 5 in protein, No. 4 in milk and No. 10 in milk-fat production. All the milk goes to the MSU Custer Dairy Processing Plant. 

  • 2% white milk is available in two sizes: pint, ½ gallon
  • Chocolate milk is available in two sizes: pint, ½ gallon

These items are available in the store only.